Learn more about HCCSC’s active committees and how you can get involved.

HCCSC has five standing committees:

  1. Executive Committee
  2. System Performance Committee
  3. Recipient Approval & Evaluation Committee
  4. Coordinated Entry Committee
  5. HMIS Committee

For details regarding each standing committee’s role and responsibilities, please see the HCCSC Governance Charter.

Find minutes for the committee’s previous meetings on our Meeting Minutes page.

Want to Join a Committee?

Other than the Executive Committee, which is composed of the Board Officers, HCCSC members may request to serve on a standing committee by completing the Prospective HCCSC Committee Member Questionnaire and returning the form to to Marcie Bragg (executive director of Stark Housing Network, management organization of HCCSC) by email or by mail at 408 Ninth St. SW, Canton, Ohio 44707. Approval to serve on a standing committee is required in accordance with Policy A.1: Guidelines Governing HCCSC Committee Service.